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StageMakeupOnline: A Place that Brings Out the Beauty in You

StageMakeupOnline and International Fun-Shop was started in 1995, a time when the Internet was just getting started; it was then that we saw a way to bring our products to everyone for a more enjoyable experience in shopping. As time grew, the business grew from 2,500 square feet to 3,500 square feet, then from 3,500 square feet to a new independent location of 6,000 square feet. Once again, the demand for our products from our loyal customers forced us to add on another 3,500 square feet in 2013, giving us a total of almost 10,000 square feet to showcase and warehouse our products.

Marilyn Douglas, President of StageMakeupOnline, had always taken special of her skin and has been doing this since she was a child. (Marilyn's mother lived to be 101 and still had that elegant appearance)

Our CEO always wanted everyone to know how simple it was to take care of your skin with makeup and stay elegant and young looking throughout your life. Today she runs one of the largest online makeup companies— one that not only looks forward to enhancing the shopping experience of our customers but also has a team that loves coming in every morning and assisting our customers in having a better way of life by enjoying the way they look. This attitude is what has made StageMakeupOnline grow to be one of the top makeup dealers on the web.

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