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Ben Nye

Ben Nye

Ben Nye Color Cake Face Foundation


Cinè beige
SKU: 02/PC34
UPC: 784779009098

COLOR: Cinegrave beige

Cinè light tan
SKU: 02/PC36
UPC: 784779009104

COLOR: Cinegrave light tan

tawny peach
SKU: 02/PC3W
UPC: 784779009517

COLOR: tawny peach

navajo sand
SKU: 02/PC4
UPC: 784779009111

COLOR: navajo sand

Cinè Fair
SKU: 02/PC32
UPC: 784779009074

COLOR: Cinegrave Fair

Cinè light beige
SKU: 02/PC33
UPC: 784779009081

COLOR: Cinegrave light beige

shinsei ivory
SKU: 02/PC40
UPC: 784779009128

COLOR: shinsei ivory

Cinè Fairest
SKU: 02/PC31
UPC: 784779009067

COLOR: Cinegrave Fairest

barely beige
SKU: 02/PC305
UPC: 784779009395

COLOR: barely beige

shinsei fair
SKU: 02/PC41
UPC: 784779009135

COLOR: shinsei fair

SKU: 02/PC42
UPC: 784779009142

COLOR: japanese

SKU: 02/PC43
UPC: 784779009159

COLOR: chinese

rose blush
SKU: 02/PC46
UPC: 784779009166

COLOR: rose blush

SKU: 02/PC47
UPC: 784779009173

COLOR: ingenue

fair lady
SKU: 02/PC48
UPC: 784779009180

COLOR: fair lady

natural no. 1
SKU: 02/PC5
UPC: 784779009197

COLOR: natural no 1

natural no. 2
SKU: 02/PC51
UPC: 784779009203

COLOR: natural no 2

rich tan
SKU: 02/PC5W
UPC: 784779009524

COLOR: rich tan

SKU: 02/PC6
UPC: 784779009210

COLOR: buckskin

rose beige
SKU: 02/PC7
UPC: 784779009227

COLOR: rose beige

deep tan
SKU: 02/PC7W
UPC: 784779009531

COLOR: deep tan

blithe spirit
SKU: 02/PC8
UPC: 784779009234

COLOR: blithe spirit

cadaver grey
SKU: 02/PC81
UPC: 784779009241

COLOR: cadaver grey

blue spirit
SKU: 02/PC82
UPC: 784779009258

COLOR: blue spirit

sallow green
SKU: 02/PC83
UPC: 784779009265

COLOR: sallow green

death purple
SKU: 02/PC84
UPC: 784779009456

COLOR: death purple

death flesh
SKU: 02/PC840
UPC: 784779009463

COLOR: death flesh

death straw
SKU: 02/PC841
UPC: 784779009470

COLOR: death straw

pale vampire
SKU: 02/PC842
UPC: 784779009487

COLOR: pale vampire

SKU: 02/PC843
UPC: 784779009494

COLOR: frankenstein

fair male
SKU: 02/PC87
UPC: 784779009272

COLOR: fair male

tan male
SKU: 02/PC89
UPC: 784779009289

COLOR: tan male

tan no. 1
SKU: 02/PC9
UPC: 784779009296

COLOR: tan no 1

fresh pink
SKU: 02/PC024
UPC: 784779008992

COLOR: fresh pink

SKU: 02/PC30
UPC: 784779009050

COLOR: ecru

golden ebony
SKU: 02/PC21
UPC: 784779009371

COLOR: golden ebony

SKU: 02/PC23
UPC: 784779009388

COLOR: black

SKU: 02/PC2
UPC: 784779009043

COLOR: Porcelain

olive sable
SKU: 02/PC20
UPC: 784779009364

COLOR: olive sable

Pale Rose
SKU: 02/PC1W
UPC: 784779009500

COLOR: Pale Rose

Dark Egyptian
SKU: 02/PC19
UPC: 784779009357

COLOR: Dark Egyptian

Light Egyptian
SKU: 02/PC17
UPC: 784779009340

COLOR: Light Egyptian

SKU: 02/PC135
UPC: 784779009449

COLOR: Calcutta

Tan Au Lait
SKU: 02/PC137
UPC: 784779009548

COLOR: Tan Au Lait

SKU: 02/PC16
UPC: 784779009333

COLOR: Chestnut

SKU: 02/PC14
UPC: 784779009326

COLOR: Mocha

Tan No.3
SKU: 02/PC111
UPC: 784779009401

COLOR: Tan No 3

Natural Fair
SKU: 02/PC13
UPC: 784779009319

COLOR: Natural Fair

Warm Tan
SKU: 02/PC114
UPC: 784779009418

COLOR: Warm Tan

Tan No.2
SKU: 02/PC11
UPC: 784779009302

COLOR: Tan No2

SKU: 02/PC022
UPC: 784779009036

COLOR: Geisha

SKU: 02/PC021
UPC: 784779009029

COLOR: Bisque

Light Ivory
SKU: 02/PC02
UPC: 784779009012

COLOR: Light Ivory

SKU: 02/PC1
UPC: 784779009005

COLOR: White

Ruddy Tan
SKU: 02/PC115
UPC: 784779009425

COLOR: Ruddy Tan




Ben Nye color cake foundation represent an exclusive color cake formula that produces a smooth finish that redefines foundation. Activate with water with a Sea or Hydra Sponge, apply in sections, then buff as it sets to a translucent, natural finish. Ideal for oily or sensitive skin. These are a staple for theater productions in schools and universities.


  • yield: expect 25-100 applications
  • size: 1oz / 28 gram


Cinè beige, Cinè light tan, tawny peach, navajo sand, Cinè Fair, Cinè light beige, shinsei ivory, Cinè Fairest, barely beige, shinsei fair, japanese, chinese, rose blush, ingenue, fair lady, natural no. 1, natural no. 2, rich tan, buckskin, rose beige, deep tan, blithe spirit, cadaver grey, blue spirit, sallow green, death purple, death flesh, death straw, pale vampire, frankenstein, fair male, tan male, tan no. 1, fresh pink, ecru, golden ebony, black, Porcelain, olive sable, Pale Rose, Dark Egyptian, Light Egyptian, Calcutta, Tan Au Lait, Chestnut, Mocha, Tan No.3, Natural Fair, Warm Tan, Tan No.2, Geisha, Bisque, Light Ivory, White, Ruddy Tan

Due to variations in viewers monitors, mobile devices and tablets, StageMakeupOnline cannot be liable for colors between online color and the actual product.


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Michelle's Review  

April 21, 2015

Love this product! Color Cake Foundation--Pale Rose. Covers beautifully, takes away shine and lasts for hours. I have a bit of ruddy undertone and this makeup instantly evens my coloring and balances my skin tone which brings out my eyes and lips to be beautiful!! I use it as my everyday foundation, every day.

Kelsey's Review  

October 27, 2015

Very pleased with my purchase - PC1 White and PC84 Death Purple. Came highly recommended by the producer of the stage production I am in. Using a combination of these two colors to portray a ghost.

melanie's Review  

January 09, 2016

I discovered this foundation because I took a make up class. I absolutely love it. I tossed my over the counter foundation and have used this one for a year now. This is the only foundation I'll use. When I make a purchase I usually buy 3 to last me awhile. Great cover up. I have vitaligo on my next and it covers it so good. You can't even tell the discoloration on neck. And best of all, it's not crazy expensive.

Alicia's Review  

September 22, 2016

2 Things. 1, I order this in bulk from Stage Makeup Online b/c they are the only company who will deliver the product right away when I need it and the right shades. Seriously, they have delivered within 2 days notice when no one in the Chicagoland Area has any. The free shipping doesn't hurt either! 2. The product itself is amazing! I only purchase Chinese/Japanese colors because they work with a wide variety of skin that has yellow undertones. It is a water based product and provides great coverage, no shine, and it works great in special events that tend to run warm.

Kelly's Review  

September 27, 2016

I use white for Halloween almost every year. It lasts all night and doesn't smudge at all (it dries to a matte, powdery finish). So much better than grease makeup. Note: This product comes dry and you apply it with a wet makeup sponge. It's not quite opaque so you can see your skin tone through it a little. I apply multiple layers which can be tricky since it re-wets what's already on your face and can thin it out rather than applying more.

PT GAULDIN's Review  

May 28, 2019

SUCH a fan of these pancake, water-based foundations! Can't and won't use any other foundation.