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Ben Nye

Ben Nye

Ben Nye HD Matte Foundation


Charmonix HD Matte Foundation
SKU: 02/MM507
UPC: 784779015112

COLOR: charmonix

Deep Bronze
SKU: 02/MM573
UPC: 784779015082

COLOR: deep bronze

Cameo Beige
SKU: 02/MM108
UPC: 784779015013

COLOR: cameo beige

Silky Peach
SKU: 02/MM112
UPC: 784779015020

COLOR: silky peach

Shell Pink
SKU: 02/MM134
UPC: 784779015044

COLOR: shell pink

Pale Honey
SKU: 02/MM497
UPC: 784779015068

COLOR: pale honey

Vanilla Almond
SKU: 02/MM495
UPC: 784779015051

COLOR: vanilla almond

Pale Bisque
SKU: 02/MM104
UPC: 784779015006

COLOR: pale bisque

Bella 010
SKU: 02/BEL010
UPC: 784779011794

COLOR: Bella 010

Bella 001
SKU: 02/BEL001
UPC: 784779011756

COLOR: Bella 001

Bella 002
SKU: 02/BEL002
UPC: 784779011763

COLOR: Bella 002

Bella 003
SKU: 02/BEL003
UPC: 784779011770

COLOR: Bella 003

Bella 004
SKU: 02/BEL004
UPC: 784779011787

COLOR: Bella 004

Bamboo 3
SKU: 02/BO3
UPC: 784779010582

COLOR: Bamboo 3

Bamboo 4
SKU: 02/BO4
UPC: 784779010599

COLOR: Bamboo 4

Pale Biscotte
SKU: 02/NO1
UPC: 784779010599

COLOR: Pale Biscotte

Biscotte Matte
SKU: 02/NO3
UPC: 784779010599

COLOR: Biscotte

SKU: 02/NO5
UPC: 784779010599

COLOR: Brulee

Soft Caramel
SKU: 02/NO7
UPC: 784779010599

COLOR: Soft Caramel

Tan Brulee
SKU: 02/NO9
UPC: 784779010599

COLOR: Tan Brulee

SKU: 02/SH0
UPC: 784779010803

COLOR: Ivory

SKU: 02/SH1
UPC: 784779010810

COLOR: Fairest

SKU: 02/SH2
UPC: 784779010827


SKU: 02/SH3
UPC: 784779010834

COLOR: Medium

SKU: 02/SH4
UPC: 784779010841


SKU: 02/CE1
UPC: 784779011206

COLOR: Fairest

SKU: 02/CE2
UPC: 784779011213


Light Beige
SKU: 02/CE3
UPC: 784779011220

COLOR: Light Beige

SKU: 02/CE5
UPC: 784779011237

COLOR: Beige

Light Tan
SKU: 02/CE7
UPC: 784779011244

COLOR: Light Tan

SKU: 02/CE9
UPC: 784779011251


SKU: 02/BE1
UPC: 784779011503

COLOR: Cameo

Natural Beige
SKU: 02/BE3
UPC: 784779011510

COLOR: Natural Beige

Warm Sand
SKU: 02/BE5
UPC: 784779011527

COLOR: Warm Sand

Beige Natural 1
SKU: 02/BN1
UPC: 784779011701

COLOR: Beige Natural 1

Beige Natural 2
SKU: 02/BN2
UPC: 784779011718

COLOR: Beige Natural 2

Beige Natural 3
SKU: 02/BN3
UPC: 784779011725

COLOR: beige natural 3

Beige Natural 4
SKU: 02/BN4
UPC: 784779011732

COLOR: beige natural 4

Olive Beige 1
SKU: 02/OB1
UPC: 784779011800


Olive Beige2
SKU: 02/OB2
UPC: 784779011817

COLOR: No. 2

Olive Beige 3
SKU: 02/OB3
UPC: 784779011824

COLOR: no. 3

Olive Beige 4
SKU: 02/OB4
UPC: 784779011831

COLOR: no. 4

White Velvet
SKU: 02/IS00
UPC: 784779011688

COLOR: White Velvet

Pure Ivory
SKU: 02/IS3
UPC: 784779011541

COLOR: Pure Ivory

Bare Beige
SKU: 02/IS8
UPC: 784779011671

COLOR: Bare Beige

Chinois Medium
SKU: 02/IS35
UPC: 784779011619

COLOR: Chinois Medium

SKU: 02/IS41
UPC: 784779011633

COLOR: Soleil

SKU: 02/N1
UPC: 784779011107


Mocha Cream
SKU: 02/FT8
UPC: 784779011015

COLOR: Mocha Creme

Golden Ebony
SKU: 02/FT13
UPC: 784779011046

COLOR: Golden Ebony

Warm Olive 1
SKU: 02/WO1
UPC: 784779011367

COLOR: Warm Olive 1

SKU: 02/EB1
UPC: 784779010858

COLOR: Naturelle

Naturelle Buff
SKU: 02/EB6
UPC: 784779010889

COLOR: Naturelle Buff

SKU: 02/CN0
UPC: 784779010704

COLOR: Ultra

Tres Clair
SKU: 02/CN010
UPC: 784779010711

COLOR: Tres Clair

SKU: 02/CN001
UPC: 784779010728

COLOR: Clair

Barely Beige
SKU: 02/CN002
UPC: 784779010735

COLOR: Barely Beige

True Beige
SKU: 02/CN003
UPC: 784779010742

COLOR: True Beige

SKU: 02/CN004
UPC: 784779010759


Golden Latte
SKU: 02/SA2
UPC: 784779011466

COLOR: Golden Latte

SKU: 02/SA3
UPC: 784779011411

COLOR: Latte

SKU: 02/SA5
UPC: 784779011428

COLOR: Mocha

SKU: 02/SA9
UPC: 784779011442


SKU: 02/SA11
UPC: 784779011459

COLOR: Espresso

Coco Souffle
SKU: 02/MH18
UPC: 784779012579

COLOR: Coco Souffle

Espresso Bean
SKU: 02/MH20
UPC: 784779012586

COLOR: Espresso Bean

Brown Suede
SKU: 02/MH14
UPC: 784779012555

COLOR: Brown Suede

Semi-sweet HD Matte Foundation
SKU: 02/MH16
UPC: 784779012562

COLOR: Semisweet

Golden Spice HD Matte Foundation
SKU: 02/MH08
UPC: 784779012517

COLOR: Golden Spice

Coco Sorbet HD Matte Foundation
SKU: 02/MH10
UPC: 784779012609

COLOR: Coco Sorbet

Praline HD Matte Foundation
SKU: 02/MH06
UPC: 784779012524

COLOR: Praline

Rio Tan HD Matte Foundation
SKU: 02/MH07
UPC: 784779012593

COLOR: Rio Tan

Almond HD Matte Foundation
SKU: 02/MH02
UPC: 784779012494

COLOR: Almond

Pecan HD Matte Foundation
SKU: 02/MH04
UPC: 784779012500

COLOR: Pecan

Brazil Nut HD Matte Foundation
SKU: 02/MH11
UPC: 784779012531

COLOR: Brazil Nut




Ben Nye HD Matte Foundation with their Smooth, light texture offers moderate coverage and builds naturally for full coverage. Ben Nye HD Matte Foundation are ideal for broadcast, fashion, bridal, ballet, and opera. Apply with brush or sponge. Set lightly with powder. Some shades are being discontinued- we will ship what is available per order.


  • smooth matte foundation
  • set with powder
  • yield: 50-250 applications
  • size: .5oz/14gm


Charmonix HD Matte Foundation, Deep Bronze, Cameo Beige, Silky Peach, Shell Pink, Pale Honey, Vanilla Almond, Pale Bisque, Bella 010, Bella 001, Bella 002, Bella 003, Bella 004, Bamboo 3, Bamboo 4, Pale Biscotte, Biscotte Matte, Brulee, Soft Caramel, Tan Brulee, Ivory, Fairest, Fair, Medium, Deep, Fairest, Fair, Light Beige, Beige, Light Tan, Tan, Cameo, Natural Beige, Warm Sand, Beige Natural 1, Beige Natural 2, Beige Natural 3, Beige Natural 4, Olive Beige 1, Olive Beige2, Olive Beige 3, Olive Beige 4, White Velvet, Pure Ivory, Bare Beige, Chinois Medium, Soleil, Fair, Mocha Cream, Golden Ebony, Warm Olive 1, Naturelle, Naturelle Buff, Ultra, Tres Clair, Clair, Barely Beige, True Beige, Dune, Golden Latte, Latte, Mocha, Java, Espresso, Coco Souffle, Espresso Bean, Brown Suede, Semi-sweet HD Matte Foundation, Golden Spice HD Matte Foundation, Coco Sorbet HD Matte Foundation, Praline HD Matte Foundation, Rio Tan HD Matte Foundation, Almond HD Matte Foundation, Pecan HD Matte Foundation, Brazil Nut HD Matte Foundation

Due to variations in viewers monitors, mobile devices and tablets, StageMakeupOnline cannot be liable for colors between online color and the actual product.


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Kim Reddell's Review  

August 25, 2016

I have been using this product for several months now, and I can say it is the BEST foundation I have ever used! My husband and I own a gym and I had searched for a foundation that would stay on through a long, sweaty workout. This one stays put even with sweat dripping down my face. Awesome.

Joelle Weaver's Review  

September 25, 2016

This product is fantastic and performs well above my expectations. It is a creme with all the benefits of cremes as far as coverage, but not greasy or shiny, which is a problem when your skin is not on the dry side with creme textures. The finish is natural matte, so it is matte but not cakey or dry looking. It looks extremely natural when blended out with a makeup sponge ( I use the triangular type, but any blender would probably work). This particular shade that worked for me is the natural beige. It does not pull too orange or pink and does not oxidize on my skin. I have a neutral undertone to my light-medium Caucasian skin tone and this shade works great for me. It is always daunting to purchase foundation on line, but there are so many colors and different undertones n this line, you are sure to be able to find what you need. After many failed attempts I feel like I have finally found the best foundation for me. Highly recommend.

Nessa's Review  

October 21, 2017

Great purchase! Finally found my foundation!!! Excellent customer sservice!