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Graftobian Disguise Stix


Midnight Black
SKU: 02/78017
UPC: 049625900173

COLOR: Black

Ivory Cream
SKU: 02/78014
UPC: 049625900142

COLOR: Ivory Cream

Venus Purple
SKU: 02/78028
UPC: 049625900289

COLOR: Venus Purple

Deep Purple
SKU: 02/78007
UPC: 049625900074

COLOR: Deep Purple

Crypt Green
SKU: 02/78005
UPC: 049625900050

COLOR: Crypt Green

Martian Green
SKU: 02/78016
UPC: 049625900166

COLOR: Martian Green

Irish Green
SKU: 02/78013
UPC: 049625900135

COLOR: Irish Green

Deep Sea Green
SKU: 02/78008
UPC: 049625900081

COLOR: Deep Sea Green

Ice Blue
SKU: 02/78011
UPC: 049625900111

COLOR: Ice Blue

Neptune Blue
SKU: 02/78020
UPC: 049625900203

COLOR: Neptune Blue

Navy Blue
SKU: 02/78006
UPC: 049625900067

COLOR: Navy Blue

Big Cat Yellow
SKU: 02/78021
UPC: 049625900210

COLOR: Big Cat Yellow

Sunshine Yellow
SKU: 02/78027
UPC: 049625900272

COLOR: Sunshine Yellow

Fire Orange
SKU: 02/78009
UPC: 049625900098

COLOR: Fire Orange

Royal Red
SKU: 02/78025
UPC: 049625900258

COLOR: Royal Red

Circus Red
SKU: 02/78003
UPC: 049625900036

COLOR: Circus Red

Fuchsia Fun
SKU: 02/78002
UPC: 049625900029

COLOR: Fuchsia Fun

Rosy Pink
SKU: 02/78024
UPC: 049625900241

COLOR: Rosy Pink

Mighty Maroon
SKU: 02/78018
UPC: 049625900180

COLOR: Mighty Maroon

Sunset Peach
SKU: 02/78023
UPC: 049625900234

COLOR: Sunset Peach

Rusty Orange
SKU: 02/78026
UPC: 049625900265

COLOR: Rusty Orange

Suntan Red
SKU: 02/78012
UPC: 049625900128

COLOR: Suntan Red

Teddy Bear Brown
SKU: 02/78001
UPC: 049625900012

COLOR: Teddy Bear Brown

Pirate Gold
SKU: 02/78022
UPC: 049625900227

COLOR: Pirate Gold

Moonlight Silver
SKU: 02/78019
UPC: 049625900197

COLOR: Moonlight Silver




Graftobian Disguise Stix is an ultra-mild, soap-based face paint on a stick. Each stick supplies enough coloring for a minimum of 5-7 complete faces per stick in a formulation that is usable and safe on both skin and hair, applies easily and washes off of and out of anything with just ordinary bar soap and water.


  • soap based
  • easy to use
  • fun for all ages
  • 5-7 faces per stick
  • Limited stock


Midnight Black, Ivory Cream, Venus Purple, Deep Purple, Crypt Green, Martian Green, Irish Green, Deep Sea Green, Ice Blue, Neptune Blue, Navy Blue, Big Cat Yellow, Sunshine Yellow, Fire Orange, Royal Red, Circus Red, Fuchsia Fun, Rosy Pink, Mighty Maroon, Sunset Peach, Rusty Orange, Suntan Red, Teddy Bear Brown, Pirate Gold, Moonlight Silver

Due to variations in viewers monitors, mobile devices and tablets, StageMakeupOnline cannot be liable for colors between online color and the actual product.


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Elizabeth's Review  

May 24, 2019

I'm an elementary teacher and have used Graftobian Disguise Stix for class productions. These stix have never failed me in over 15 years of using this product. Easy application and easy to clean off. The stix last a very long time, I highly recommend them!

Vince's Review  

October 29, 2019

Many Halloweens we have fallen upon our Graftobion products to set the tone. Our success rates have been based upon a good foundation. This product is long lasting, good looking and easy to remove.