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Mehron StarBlend Cake Makeup


Pale Rose CAKE
SKU: 02/11040
UPC: 764294510401

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Pale Rose

Orange CAKE
SKU: 02/110O
UPC: 764294510118

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Orange

SKU: 02/110R
UPC: 764294510033

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Red

Yellow CAKE
SKU: 02/110Y
UPC: 764294510040

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Yellow

Green CAKE
SKU: 02/110G
UPC: 764294510064

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Green

Black CAKE
SKU: 02/110B
UPC: 764294510026

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Black

Purple CAKE
SKU: 02/110P
UPC: 764294510071

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Purple

SKU: 02/110BL
UPC: 764294510057

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Blue

White CAKE
SKU: 02/110W
UPC: 764294510019

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: White

Contour I CAKE
SKU: 02/11037
UPC: 764294510378

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Contour I

Light Buff CAKE
SKU: 02/11022
UPC: 764294510224

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Light Buff

Warm Natural Tan CAKE
SKU: 02/11027A
SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Warm Natural Tan

Tan Glow CAKE
SKU: 02/11026A
UPC: 764294510965

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Tan Glow

Soft Peach CAKE
SKU: 02/11022A
UPC: 764294510927

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Soft Peach

Light Cinnamon CAKE
SKU: 02/11028A
UPC: 764294510989

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Light Cinnamon

Light Tan CAKE
SKU: 02/110TV6
UPC: 764294510866

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Light Tan

Soft Beige CAKE
SKU: 02/110TV4
UPC: 764294510842

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Soft Beige

Ivory Bisque CAKE
SKU: 02/110TV2
UPC: 764294510828

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Ivory Bisque

Blithe Spirit / Moonlight White CAKE
SKU: 02/110MW
UPC: 764294510194

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Moonlight White

Monster Grey CAKE
SKU: 02/110MG
UPC: 764294510279

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Monster Grey

Oriental CAKE
SKU: 02/11016B
UPC: 764294510477

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Oriental

Butterfly Geisha CAKE
SKU: 02/11014B
UPC: 764294510859

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Butterfly Geisha

Dark Egyptian CAKE
SKU: 02/11012B
UPC: 764294510835

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Dark Egyptian

Medium Male CAKE
SKU: 02/11065B
UPC: 764294510644

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Medium Male

Extra Fair CAKE
SKU: 02/1102B
UPC: 764294510620

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Extra Fair

Fair Female CAKE
SKU: 02/1105B
UPC: 764294510651

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Fair Female

Alabaster CAKE
SKU: 02/1101B
UPC: 764294510613

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Alabaster

Light Olive CAKE
SKU: 02/110OS2
UPC: 764294510729

SIZE: 2oz COLOR: Light Olive




Mehron StarBlend Cake Makeup is fade resistant, perspiration resistant and non-streaking, everything that a performer needs under the heat of the lights. This uniquely blended Cake Makeup provides exceptional coverage and blends easily with an effortless professional application. Apply with a wet sponge for vibrant color or dry brush for an opaque coverage and remove with soap and water. Mist barrier spray for added lasting durability.


  • cake makeup
  • superior blending and coverage
  • 2oz


Pale Rose CAKE, Orange CAKE, Red CAKE, Yellow CAKE, Green CAKE, Black CAKE, Purple CAKE, Blue CAKE, White CAKE, Contour I CAKE, Light Buff CAKE, Warm Natural Tan CAKE, Tan Glow CAKE, Soft Peach CAKE, Light Cinnamon CAKE, Light Tan CAKE, Soft Beige CAKE, Ivory Bisque CAKE, Blithe Spirit / Moonlight White CAKE, Monster Grey CAKE, Oriental CAKE, Butterfly Geisha CAKE, Dark Egyptian CAKE, Medium Male CAKE, Extra Fair CAKE, Fair Female CAKE, Alabaster CAKE, Light Olive CAKE

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